Aerial straps training

The first 30 minutes are dedicated to warm-up and flexibility and the last 10 minutes to conditioning. The price list is as follows:. In this class, we teach basic skills through advanced skills — you will progress at your own pace. If your technique is strong, you will progress faster. The strap is made of a cotton webbing that is quite harsh on your skin, so expect some pain in the beginning months. Half the skills can be used with aerial silks as well, but there are many tricks that require this special webbing.

Basic to advanced acro skills. There is a double sided mechanic to help with new skills. Lyra Aerial Hoop is a circular apparatus suspended from the ceiling, about the size of a hula hoop, on which to perform aerial acrobatics. Can be used static, spinning, or swinging. In static trapeze, contrast to the other forms of trapeze, the bars and ropes mainly stay in place.

It can be performed by a single artist or by two partners working together. A single artist will do tricks above and below the bar, the ropes playing just as important a part as the bar. We book classes based on availability. Please let us know by Monday each week, what your plans are for the next week of class, so we can book classes that accommodate everyone. Knowing your availability, we will compare it with the other students and create a time that works for everyone.

Pre-scheduling will ensure to keep the class sizes small so that each student will get the attention and time they deserve. Powered by Photocrati. Circus-Arts Aerial and Acrobatic Training.

aerial straps training

Tumbling: Basic to advanced acro skills.Our aerial program is designed to give you a solid grounding in your chosen apparatus, with the strength to perform tricks with grace and confidence. You get the same training as the professionals, at your own pace. Get started with Intro to Mixed Aerialsour entry-level introduction to the basics of Aerial performance. Specially created for new students, this minute class combines strength and technique training on Static Trapeze, Rope, and Tissu to develop the fundamentals of movement on Aerial apparatus.

aerial straps training

People of any age and fitness level can start Intro to Mixed Aerials: Level 1 at any time. Session enrollment is encouraged. Round out and accelerate your training with one of our Conditioning classes like Aerial Conditioning and a flexibility class like Stretching.

Purchase our New Student Pack, try all three and save! Already have some training? To learn more about getting approved for upper-level classes at Circus Center, click here. She teaches me to execute every move with technical precision, beauty, and safety. At Circus Center I'm learning to use my athletic and artistic sides to create beautiful things!

Swinging Trapeze makes me feel alive in a way nothing else can, and I hope to make it my career one day. Under the guidance of the famous training tandem of Tereza Durova and Viktor Fomin, she created a groundbreaking swinging trapeze act that redefined swinging trapeze as it is performed today all over the world.

Elena moved to the United States in She started teaching at Circus Center in Chloe Axelrod. Veronica Blair. Sylphie Currin. Christine Lee. Celine Masson. Amy Olson. Jeremy Sheets. Caroline Wright. Classes Online Classes Manage Account. Corporate Parties Hire Performers.Building on the work carried out in previous years and the issues raised by teachers, new training modules were organized in Cyr wheel and aerial straps, i.

This manual is designed to be in constant development; it aims to be a good practice guide for secondary, vocational and higher education schools, and illustrates the essential requirements in terms of injury prevention. Other topics such as rigging and safety, physical preparation and artistic engagement are discussed as teaching subjects in their own right. The innovative nature of this exchange network was highlighted by the Golden Prize for creativity and innovation, awarded by the European Commission.

FEDEC does not wish to impose any particular aesthetic and only wishes to lead teachers towards a teaching method that integrates an artistic approach. Following this acknowledgement and in order to further improve the few pedagogical tools available for circus arts, FEDEC network members formed a working group composed of experts from various professional schools, for diversity and representativeness purposes.

Different aspects of the discipline are addressed in their current context. The chapters also focus on current developments and innovation, workshops and complementary disciplines which enrich teaching. Teachers came from a variety of backgrounds and it was led by experienced teachers, with the participation of students.

This common framework is intended as a tool to ensure that different chapters have a homogeneous structure, while taking into account the specific aspects of each subject. The focus group was also involved in the drafting of the Chapter in order to ensure a harmonized editorial approach.

For FEDEC, the joint production, free and widespread distribution of these teaching aids are a way of promoting and implementing the idea that sharing and transmitting values is an integral part of our network. The pilot modules are a first experiment of what could become a new program of training modules for trainers, as well as the production of educational tools for the initial and continuing education.

It is difficult to establish exactly when two leather straps started to be used for sport or entertainment purposes because, like in many other acrobatic disciplines, we imagine this originated from an everyday use. The strap is fabricated with lianas gradually transformed into ropes, useful to access a landing, a higher level or branch, and in a broader sense, to go up or to cross a distance.

Straps could also have been inspired by the leather reins used by horsemen to lead their horses in the steppe, especially in China. Some equestrian ornaments are decorated with bells - a way to ward off evil spirits - and in certain areas of China these small objects can be found hanging to straps in order to mark the rhythm in gymnastics.

The Soviets claim pioneering the use of straps in a dynamic form with the creation of an aerial duo straps in based on the initiative of the acrobatic coach Vladivien Levshin and two gymnasts, the Panteleenko twin brothers. Their physical strength and the fact they were twins helped to turn this act into a reference point in the field. Nowadays, fabrics are preferred to leather because of their even resistance. It is important to consider the concepts of progressive learning and responsibility, in order avoid too many doubts arising during the technical training: - Progressive learning, by using appropriate teaching aids in training and the gradual independence from spotting - Responsibility, by choosing the right time to tell students that they are ready to carry out the move independently Spotting is mainly carried out around the pelvis and legs in order to offload the weight on the shoulders.

However, when it comes to controlling effort, it is important to seek a balance between strength, flexibility and balance. You must take the right approach in order to perform strength movements with efficiency and a certain lightness. AGE For physiological reasons, it is advisable to wait for the adolescent phase age 13 to 15 before working on static movements and more intense strength training.

Aerial straps

This ensures that the musculoskeletal system is ready to tolerate heavy loads and multiple sets. In the pre-adolescent phase ageit is considered wiser to work on dynamic movements.

After this age, strength training can be gradually increased. There is no real consensus regarding a standard material and different equipment shapes and sizes are used. The size of the loop can be altered with keepers. The two straps are hooked into a metallic piece that separates them slightly and lets them twist on themselves thanks to a swivel.

There are different types of triangles flies or hoops with a higher central hook or two lower hooks. In order to have a good stability during training, the height of the triangle must be higher than its base. They must be good quality according to regulations and maximum Safe Working Loadwell maintained and protected from damage or dismantlement. The top central swivel gives the performer the ability to spin.The moves executed on the Aerial Straps are very much similar to those of gymnastic rings, with the straps wrapping firmly around your wrists to test your strength and precision.

It is a demanding discipline, and we advise that you have some former experience or training with your own body weight before giving this a go. Expect slow but extremely rewarding progressions as you focus on firing on specific muscle groups at exact moments to perform switches and holds.

The strength training from practising on the Aerial Straps is like no other. Every single muscle group throughout the body is working hard and working strong, providing a workout that surpasses any HIIT or Freeletics training you can think of. Dedication and focus is paramount in building the muscles required to execute moves and sequences on the Aerial Straps.

Classes available at: Union Street and Peckham. Check the booking page for class times and locations. As a specialist discipline, we recommend the Aerial Straps to seasoned aerialists. Contact us before making a booking to ensure you meet our pre-requisites to join classes.

Aerial Straps Aerial Straps require not only a great amount of strength, but also unwavering determination. Core benefits The strength training from practising on the Aerial Straps is like no other. Get involved Classes available at: Union Street and Peckham.

Book a Straps class.Strapsalso known as aerial strapsare a type of aerial apparatus on which various feats of strength and flexibility may be performed, often in the context of a circus performance. It is a cotton or nylon web apparatus that looks like two suspended ribbons. Straps are available in various configurations, including those with various types of loops at the ends and those without loops.

A straps act usually includes held poses and postures done on the straps, dance moves performed on the floor away from the straps, partner acrobatics done on and off the straps, as well as having the straps pulled up and let down during the act.

The discipline of aerial straps was originally a Chinese specialty where athletes would perform intensely muscular tricks up and down the straps. Many of the moves are similar to those of the aerial rings. The pioneers of contemporary aerial straps were identical twins Yuri and Valery Panteleenko, known as the Panteleenko Brothers.

Previously, a straps routine would be performed from a static position, only moving up and down the straps.

Levshin introduced swinging, circular, and two-person moves.

aerial straps training

They subsequently began touring with the Moscow State Circus. In the brothers performed at the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo but were largely ignored by the judges, receiving only the City of Monaco prize.

Today nearly all straps routines bear the mark of their original routine. In Yuri died of a heart attack after a show. They performed untilwhen Valery retired from performing at the age of 50 to become head rigger for Barnum's Kaleidoscapeeventually retiring to Florida. Valery died of cancer in January but was succeeded by his son Maxime, who is still performing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved on Circus skills.

Circus revealed: Aerial Straps

Equestrian vaulting Human cannonball Teeterboard Trampoline. Circus school Sideshow Flea circus. Category Commons. Categories : Circus skills. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Previous posts have revealed some mysteries about how to play with fire, how to get your body upside down or how to juggle with various objects.

How about flying? If aerial ribbon brings you closer to flying, aerial straps brings you closer to floating in the air. But what is it exactly? Aerial straps consist of a pair of suspended straps with a loop at the end of each strap, allowing the performer to insert a hand or a foot. Some artists even use straps that do not have loops at the extremity but that are actual loops, thus allowing for a wider variety of postures. Aerial straps do look like ribbons even though they produce a very different impression and the technique is not exactly the same.

Although the exact origin of aerial straps is not clear, it is known as an ancient Chinese speciality initially performed as a solely muscular discipline. A usual performance consists for the performer in rolling and unrolling the straps around the wrists and arms to go up and down while doing postures and acrobatics requiring extreme strength. Aerial straps as we know it has been greatly influenced by the Panteleenko Brothers.

Their history is tragic however. The Panteleenko Brothers were performing for more than 20 years without getting proper acceptance, probably because of the high level of innovation their act was bringing in such an old discipline. Inthey were touring with famous Swiss national Circus Knie when one of the brothers suddenly died after a show because of cardiac arrest.

The remaining brother decided to go on and hire another acrobat with whom he experienced international success a couple of years after, under the name Panteleenko Brothers but without his twin.

Including swinging, circular movements as well as the two-person combinations made their act look like an aerial ballet, bringing grace and flexibility to what was previously only about muscular force. Nowadays everyone agrees on the pioneer role the Panteleenko Brothers played and their influence can be seen in almost any aerial straps act.

And what does it take to be able to perform such an incredible circus specialty?

aerial straps training

Nothing more than years of daily training to get both strength and flexibility as well as the control of the body while in the air. In our show Eclipse, the amazing aerial straps specialist Bo Ratha plays a divinity. He rises up in the air and does magical postures above a discriminated man who has suffered severe violence from villagers and needs to be healed by godly power.

How did Ratha learn aerial straps? Actually, not in Phare Ponleu Selpak, the school in Battambong he graduated from. When he arrived in France, he was specialized in banquine, equilibristic and he was a hand-to-hand porteur.

Unfortunately his partner got knee injured. So he had to start again and chose to learn aerial straps. The accomplished acrobat he already was had to start a new discipline again, training for years, everyday stretching for hours and then doing the exercising routine. Then it was his turn to get knee injured. Circus can be dangerous, be he did not give up and started all over again.

Eclipse is coming back in August so you can pass by at the Red Big Top in Siem Reap and see a fascinating aerial dance. For an online reservation, click here. You prefer aerial ribbons to aerial straps? Fine, our show Chills has two scary ghosts who magically fly under the Big Top trying to scare people.

More information. Give us your preference and impressions on TripAdvisor and share your pictures on Facebook! By: Arthur Nguyen dao Previous posts have revealed some mysteries about how to play with fire, how to get your body upside down or how to juggle with various objects. Looking for something?We offer many size, styles and almost all you need in this field.

If it's not there, contact us, we'll make it custom for you! That's normal! Product Compare 0. High quality Cotton Covered Nylon Aerial straps! These new straps are meant to replace ou.

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Please note that this model of straps will soon be replaced only a couple pair left in stock! Please note that this model of straps we have only 1 pair left in stock has been replaced by a new. This hand or foot loop may be used with an acrobatic apparatus such as Spanish Web.

AERIAL CONDITIONING - Core and Upper Body Strength

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